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Industrial Land For Sale By Owner

Commercial industrial lot for

Mojave airport indutral park , Inland Empire , California 92392 United States

Please read entire add it is very impotent to your future.
California Called Golden state ,not because only Gold has been find her , main reason is because golden opportunities are her , the Mojave airport industrial park is now one of nation best economic growing region now
Many deferent type of economy are goring on the area , it result this land value go up very fast you will make ten times much more money then you pay me with in mater of few year, look at the pictures on my add, on every picture has brief explanation the type of Growing economy on the Mojave industrial park . buying this land give chance you become rich or richer .
I have to sale it now because of my family emergency bout if buy and hold for few year you may sale it 10 -- 20 time more then you paid.
Read the following - Every picture; indicate type of growing economies in Mojave air port industrial park , picture are from left to right.
1. Mojave Airport and space ship. On picture #1 from left
This air port and the land I am selling it are located on same industrial ,
Do you see all those airplane on the picture ? they are not her to pickup or drop passengers. They are To be repair , these airplanes are coming from all over the country ., that mean they need part , technician , those technicians they need housing , grossly store gas station and more . Every year more and more Air plats are coming her for repair , then airport getting bigger and bigger, more money coming to community , getting bigger and richer , in result this land value going up.
2. Picture of military fighter. # 2 from left
they is Edward air force , and other government facility area , The Government is pouring money to the area , that means good news ,they are expanding so your land value go up if you buy it.
3. Picture #3 from left .
if you magnified the picture will see . Welcome to Mojave Air and Apace port. On this airport industrial park as I said her are many High tech activities going on, her is one of word space station , that mean all over crass the World people com her pay money then go travel on space they been charging$25,000.00 per person for one week space vacation , that was several yeas ago when economy was very good , last several year been but do not worry they are coming back . I bough this land to make liquid oxygen to sale them and others as fuel , they space traveling is coming back.
4. picture # 4 from left
These air plants are line up for repair , every year they are expending getting more and more therefore demands for this land getting more. Those air plants are coming from cross the nation

5. picture # 5 from left
is regional map -- as you see the airport industrial park is surround by 3 free way
14, high 58,and business 58 , excellent location for making big money.
6. Picture 6 from left . pilots training
Mojave air port sing and boy is imaging the future, also at this airport do train young pilot,
7. Picture 7 from left. Vend power industry
Do you see that big pips been laying on the ground. They are waiting to installed
For Vent power generation so far over 10,000. Already are producing power now , every day getting more and more, Japanese are investor , general motor
Is bulling it . local contractor installing them, Edison selling the power , they all together bring The value of this land higher and higher with matter few year this lot become hot cake every one will offer to pay big money for it.
8. Installed vent power already making electric from them.
9. Sing near my land it say Business 58
10. Sing on the corner of business 58 and E. proteu rd. my lot located of E. proteu rd. , app few lot from this sing on the corner.
11. 11th picture from left , this is my lot for sale, as you see for sale sing is on the lot .
The big truck is driving on free way 58
12 . the 12rd picture from left or first picture from right. Do you know what is that ?
it say rotary rocket . that is commercial space ship it is on same airport industrial park
with my land am selling it, people come from all over the word they pay $25,000 per person they travel to space for one week , each time this space ship go up my land price is going up along with , due to this economy for time been they not going to space but the promises days are coming back with matter of few year, economy growing up again
buy this land now make your fortune on coming years,
Information on the land:
a. Size 1.03 AC - 44,867 s. f
b. App 335 X 134----- 335 is the edge E proteu rd. -- it is paved
c. Zooning ;; Commercial/Industrial
d. Power is available as you on the picture
e. Water is near by or well
f. Sewer Septic tank
g. Telephone modern communication optic fiber cable next to land
h. LAND USE : This lot IS in very good location almost Conner of free way, Business 58 and high way 58 , good for Gas station , hotel/ motel, or commercial /industrial building , making sun or vent power station checking with county for permit is good idea , it is due diligence

TERM and conditions:
This lot is selling for cash no payment , buyer will receive California Grand Deed , seller will record the grand deed to your name , payment via PayPal, chaser check

Price: $15,000
Property Sub-Type: Industrial Land
Total Lot Size : 43560 SF
Listing ID: 2746

Map of: Mojave airport indutral park , Inland Empire , California 92392 United States

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