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Home For Sale Pennsylvania Weston 2920
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Warehouse For Sale By Owner

Warehouse/Garage Property

N. side of London Street, Weston, Pennsylvania 18256 United States

Up for sale is a piece of property that has been in the family over 40 years. I am selling this for my grandfather. He bought this property in 1970 and used it for his business as a Beer Distributor. That business has been gone for years but he kept the building to park his vehicles. Until recent years, it was only used for storing 2 of his classic cars but recently he moved them home so we can finally sell the property.

We got it appraised in 2011 when they finally decided to move towards selling it but never put it on the market. Seeing that I am the grandson and I am not completely informed on everything on the property, you will need to see it yourself and ask the owner specific questions. I will indeed try my best to answer any questions you may have.

Here's what I can tell you.

I am 22 years old and I have been to this property countless times throughout my life so I am very familiar with it.

- In the pictures you can see there are 3 garage doors. The on on the far right has been there since I can remember and is fully functional which is the main reason it was not replaced. The other two doors were replaced ~7-10 years ago because they were inaccessible, now they are.

-We still currently work in the beer delivery business but we only use this property now to park the van and occasionally use the cooler to store some product. The cooler used to be a mess and hardly usable but a few years ago we cleaned it out and made it usable(squirrels decided to ransack the place. We have since then plugged the holes and have not seen any destruction). There is a office space, it is rather small and the step is a dusie, but it is functional for what we needed it for.

- On the left end of the building there used to be a giant door area for when shipments would come in and the tractor trailer would back into. There was never a "good" door there and when the business was over, it was just blocked up with some ply boards and tarps to keep the elements out. A few years ago we, yes we, blocked it up because all the wood was getting rotted and it was no longer serving its purpose. The job was not done too great but it satisfied us.

- There is indeed electricity at the building but it is dated. DATED

- The roof is in need of some TLC assuming you were to use the building for storing things. The large garage bay has a flat roof and it used to leak bad but repairs were attempted and it was fine for a while but it now leaks very little. A NEW ROOF would be wise.

- The right half of the building has a giant steel beam running across the whole thing, the beam was set with intentions of building an apartment on top while there was a business there.

- The wall that separates the cooler from the rest of the building is not a support wall and CAN be removed to make even more space.

In a R2 ZONE and will be used as Customary Accessory use as a Private Garage, if you would choose to sell anything out of it you would need to bring it in front of the township and it would likely be accepted

Price: $25,000
Property Sub-Type: Warehouse
Total Building Size: 5560 SF
Listing ID: 2920

Map of: N. side of London Street, Weston, Pennsylvania 18256 United States

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